Wedding Gift Buying Guide

personalized cutting boards, Cutting blocks and serving boards can be enjoyed for generations

Gift Certificates. Toasters. Gravy Boats. Boring! 

While picking something off the couple's gift registry is easy, it's just not as personal or memorable. Why not surprise them with something truly special?

Maple cutting boards, cutting blocks and serving boards are a gift that your favorite bride and groom will use and display long after the honeymoon is over. Personalizing it with their name or initials, or a special message will ensure that your gift will be cherished in the home that they build together. 



  • Engraved - A custom design, name or initials can be etched into the wood. Engraving removes the wood where the design is, resulting in a surface that is not completely smooth. 
  • Inlaid - Inlaid design involves engraving the wood, then laying in a darker or lighter shade of wood to fill the area that has been engraved. Then the board is sanded and sealed to ensure a completely smooth finish.