From Our Oven to Your Kitchen

Roasting makes all the difference for durability and longevity

At Cole’s Blocks we use a special roasting process to enhance the wood we use in each of our products. Each piece of curly maple is gradually heated in an oxygen-free kiln, a process that changes the wood on a molecular level. This allows us to offer you a cutting block that is stronger, lasting, completely natural, and a more beautiful piece for your home. 


Free of Harmful Chemicals

This specialized heating treatment allows us to keep our blocks naturally void of harsh chemicals, while giving the wood a rich honey or espresso roasted finish. The longer it is roasted, the darker and more beautiful it gets all the way through the piece of wood without the use of finishes like stain. You will feel good about preparing and serving your family's food knowing that we use only locally-sourced beeswax and food-grade mineral oil to finish our boards. 


Stronger and Lighter

Because the roasting process draws out all of the water, sugar, and resins within the wood we are able to create a cutting block that is stronger and lighter. Your block will perform better, last longer, and still look great even after heavy use. The lighter weight of our blocks will make them easier to use, and more comfortable to handle allowing you to easily move your cutting surface around your kitchen to where you need it most. 


Increased Water-Resistance

During the roasting process the wood fibers are permanently fused together, safely creating an increased level of water-resistance. This allows us to offer you a cutting block that when given the proper care, will resist warping more than traditional wood cutting and serving products. 


Natural Beauty That Lasts

Each of our cutting blocks are unique and special because of the naturally grown beauty in the Midwestern timber we use. The process of roasting brings out and preserves the character that is exclusive to that piece of wood. The color and grain is permanently enhanced throughout the entire block, not just on the surface! Which means that as you use one of Cole’s Blocks in your home you can count on the quality and the rich artistry of your piece to last, and to shine.