The Best Personalized Real Estate Closing Gift - Say Thank You in a Unique and Memorable Way!

Personalized cutting boards and blocks ARE GREAT CLOSING GIFTS for your favorite clients

You have worked hard to help your client buy or sell a home. It's important to show your gratitude for their business, and a personalized closing gift is a great way to say thank you and make their experience with your real estate team even more memorable.

A personalized roasted maple cutting board makes a big impression and is something they will love displaying in their kitchen for many years. Our roasting process makes the boards lighter and much less likely to warp, while also giving them a beautiful color without ANY chemicals or stains. 

Best time to give a closing Gift

There is some debate on this, but a nice time to present them with a personalized gift is 2-3 weeks after the closing has happened. The closing can be overwhelming and emotional, so waiting to give a gift can make a bigger impact. Plus, it gives you another opportunity to say thank you, which is always a good thing! 


We know being a realtor is not easy! You're juggling appointments and paperwork all day long and sometimes the closing sneaks up on you. That's why we offer a quick turnaround on our boards and blocks and will ensure your order leaves our shop in 4-6 days (and shipping is always free!). The more you buy, the more you save with our special offer just for licensed real estate agents.

Buy 5, Get 1 Free. Buy 10, Get 2 Free. Buy 15, Get 3 Free.

It's Easy! 

  1. Pick a design
  2. Choose your quantity (5, 10, 15)
  3. Complete your purchase using the coupon code REALTOR
  4. When it's near your closing time, email or call us with the peronalization details
  5. We'll make and ship your board
With many clients closing on buying or selling a home, we like to give closing gifts to show a bit of appreciation and congratulation to our clients. After trying various gifts, I found Cole’s Blocks Co. and have fallen in love with their products! We order custom engraved “live edge” cutting boards from them. This board is so smooth and has rich color variation in the wood grain. Cole’s uses a special roasting process to enhance the beauty of the wood and this process also allows them to give it a stained look without all of the harsh chemicals.
— Jennifer Locklin, Belton, TX