The Cole's Blocks Family

Grow where you’re planted

Cole’s Blocks Co. is a family owned company rooted in Clinton, Michigan. Here in midwestern America we’ve been blessed with some of the most beautiful species of timber. Our family has been working in the wood industry for decades, and we put those years of experience into every piece we craft.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with a product of natural beauty and lasting quality. In an age of decreasing quality standards and increasing waste in commercial products, our cutting boards, thick cutting blocks and serving boards stand apart. We seek out and choose the most beautiful pieces of wood. Carefully utilizing the heat treatment of roasting, then cutting, sanding, and finishing each block by hand.

Our family is proud to be a part of showcasing and preserving the precious art that nature has given us. And we’re honored to provide our customers with heirloom quality cutting blocks that can add functional artistry to your home. 

Meet Cole, the Founder

Cole's entrepreneurial spirit and experience with the family business sparked the idea for an artisan cutting board company. Cole recently graduated from Hillsdale College and his vision is the reason Cole's Blocks exists today.