Cut. Chop. Carve. Love.

Roasted to perfection For Beauty and Durability

If you love cooking, a curly maple cutting board or block will become one of your most beloved kitchen tools. While a good chef's knife may be the popular choice, a great knife is useless without a great board to use it with. Plus, taken care of well, quality wooden boards can last for generations, eliminating the waste that comes from throwing away plastic cutting boards. 

At Cole’s Blocks we use a high temperature roasting process to enhance the curly maple we use in each of our cutting boards, cutting blocks, and serving boards. Compared to traditional wood cutting boards and serving platters, our roasted maple is more durable, lighter-weight, and less likely to warp due to a higher resistance to moisture. 

Naturally Stain and Chemical Free

Roasting darkens the wood naturally to an honey or espresso finish without the use of any harsh stains or chemicals. With Cole's Blocks, you get the beauty you desire in a handmade cutting or serving board, while ensuring important food safety for your family. Wondering if wood cutting boards are safer than plastic

Curly Roasted Maple Beauty

Rare curly maple logs are our secret ingredient. We pursue this valuable log that accounts for about 1% of all maple logs because the ripples in the grain pattern create a three dimensional effect that appears as if the grain has “curled” along the length of the board. Curly maple is considered rare and is highly sought after. When roasted it accentuates the curly effects in the wood, making your cutting board or block, or serving board even more beautiful.

From Our Family to Yours

Cole’s Blocks is a family run company with 40 years and three generations invested in the wood industry and we are proudly located in Southern Michigan. We are honored to provide your family with natural, quality, and gorgeous wood carving blocks, cutting boards, and serving platters that can be used and admired by you and your family for generations to come.

Our unique roasting process creates beautiful and natural coloring and our locally sourced beeswax finish guarantees that whatever Cole's product you have will complement your kitchen with unique style and unfaltering performance.

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